Sunday, July 25, 2010

cepatlah bulan 12

they say absence makes heart grows fonder.i say that too.

i spent my 1 month winter break in Australia, unlike last year. i've been touring brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Sydney with my was sort of our first vacation together, auww it sounds kinda wrong.haha.she's a girl ya! of course we were having real fun but unfortunately i felt homesick. watching a girl sat on her mother's lap reminded me of my mum.then i would tell my bestie ' i miss my mum:(' she replied: stop it waheeda or else i would feel homesick too. so we turned to become each other's especially on the nagging part:p thanks to our cool mums for trusting us on tis one! her trust that i treasure the most. i'm grateful for that :). my mum is always letting me and my sis going on our own way. most of my major decisions made on my own. she is always there, hold my back. mak mak:) and now the 'Thank you Allah' by Maher Zain is on track, makes me teary.haha.but i'll be okay cos she'll be here in December. it's just 5 more months..o yeah!