Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Autumn Sonata

ku telah jatuh cinta

i hate 'you'. i swear.

lms site: mid sem will be commenced on 1 may. materials from lecture 1-20 will be covered.

5 days to go before test. she took out her notes from file. in very slow motion. she's been thinking that 5 days are equal to 5 months perhaps. she's been reading 'you' a lot lately. seems she doesn't wanna stop (xleh bla..again hyperbola). she just found out that she's falling for 'you'. she never expecting tis. do not worry mr marketing, u'r still the one :)

p/s: it takes seconds to hate.but years to love. to discover sweet things it might take long and rough journey. that's the 'sweet' part.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 april 2009


he's gone forever. and ever. ashekh is gone.
it's heart wrenching. very sad. i never thought feeling tis way when losing my cat.
tears streaming down my face when my sister told me that he's dead.
he's been admitted into clinic since few days ago. the doctor suspected him has complication to urinate.

waheeda hasbullah: maybe clinic cuai x adik?
syuhada hasbullah: tak tahulah kak.maybe dah ajal dye.

it hits me back. ajal itu di tangan Allah. there's no point 2 play 'what if' at tis's already's our fate.

In the name of Allah......

Nor can a soul die except by Allah's leave, the term being fixed as by writing. If any do desire a reward in this life, We shall give it to him; and if any do desire a reward in the Hereafter, We shall give it to him. And swiftly shall We reward those that (serve us with) gratitude.

life must go more whining on who supposed 2 clean ashekh's place. no more making appointment with the vet. no more meow. seriously all of them will be missed.

p/s: Allah sedang berbicara. Yang bernyawa itu tidak kekal.pasti akan pergi jua.pasti.

Monday, April 27, 2009

by the window

it's raining outside
the cars pass by

suddenly, i feel like i'm at malaysia at tis moment. i adore tis feeling.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sesame street

i ate at the same restaurant in 3 days time.
i ordered the same dish too.

that's so me. once i'm interested in something, i'll get myself indulged in that same thing. i have playlists and i do not utilize them. For example, i'll listen to the same song for about 2-3 weeks. i mean keep replaying the same song. then, the song seems forgettable. if only the singer can stop in the middle of song:

singer: maybe u can tune in the other song while i get some water.

thanks God the song has been recorded.

however my interest in studies fluctuating. wait. nope. i have 2 tests in the same week. but i only revise the same subject since days ago. finally i could find 1 thing that is not the same as others( interest yg bermusim). interest in people. they are not like my playlists. i will not ignore someone after 2 weeks knowing her/him. i will get more interested in knowing them. hopefully.

equation of the day:

same thing = routine
routine is not equal to boring

we've been praying like 14 years now (attention: applicable only to those are 21 years old). boring is definitely not a word to describe our solat routine. 5 times a day for obligatory prayer for 24/7. i haven't found someone like this:

isaac: weh, da solat lom?
hans: lom, xnak ah. boring ah.......

but maybe the usual response is:

hans: lom, xnak ah.malas ah.

'malas ah'. hans the 1 should be blamed and not the routine to perform prayer.

each of us has own routine. let's face it. even a millionaire. he's still need to brush his teeth etc.that's routine too. embrace every seconds in our routine. then you'll fall head over heels about your routine. when you're in love with your routine, u'll be at your best performing routine.

p/s: hopefully interest in blogging will be sustained till my grandchildren day. hopefully they will enjoy reading their grandma's blog aka princess diaries :)
di setiap hembusan nafasku
ku sebut namaMu

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


someone's story. tis implies Allah will test you according to what you are capable of.

miss x adored these 2 local guys in her class. she always hope they will be in her class too for the next year.

The next year:

both guys in her same class.but doesn't make her on top of world.the adoration has fade away. until 1 day, 1one of them sat next to her in lecture if she can smell when was the last time he had shower. the other 1 sat right in front of close if she can see his dandruffs or even worse can detect if he has hair problem.

What's so significant here: it happened the year that miss x does not have any feeling.not the year before. Allah knows best for miss x.maybe if it is in the year before, miss x will accidentally ask them out.then got rejected. haha.poor her.

p/s: even 45 minutes lecture has it's own wonderful Allah creates life.

Dia sedang berbicara

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

karena wanita ingin dimengerti.

true.very true indeed.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


i slept over at my friend's place last night. in the next morning, someone knocked on the door. i am confidently expected her house mates coming home. taraaaa..there was an old aussie lady stood.maybe her mak angkat?? tak mungkin.if she is, i'm the 1st 1 to know. and maybe i would love to be her anak angkat 2. again.intron part.

actually she's from church in the nearby area.

wanita saleh: do you believe in evolution?
wanita melayu: urm...nope.
wanita saleh: that's either. there must be a Creator.

she gave us 2 booklets. i'm pretty sure she'll be back in future.

few things make me ponder. firstly,there'll always unexpected things coming through in life. i mean very unexpected one. like will be getting married in 2 months time. secondly, to what extent you withhold your tolerance? thirdly, u got 2 be strong in life. do not let others dictate you. do respect people but never ever be abducted.

p/s: unexpected guest back at home: lelaki penjual carpet. xde orang kat umah...xnak beli if his mother tongue is malay language. plus with nogori accent.

Friday, April 17, 2009

wake me up when september ends

i'll be going back Malaysia 4 tis raya:)
*God Willing*

microb p2 * berdua lebih baik*

horizontal gene transfer: the gene transfer between 2 bacterias and do not based on heredity.

people do complement each other. if u are hot tempered then you need someone is cool.
if u are too cool,u need someone that is hot (bukan bermakna memakai hot pants). people are not the same. bear tis in mind. do not expect people be like us. people is unique. just like bacteria. that makes them diverse and initiate the need to complement. even screw and screwdriver also need to be complemented. super comel and amazing. necktie must have suitable neck too.amazing amazing. shoe lace and shoes. it seems like i've just rummaged my closet prior write tis down. it's not. here i am with barely touched microb text book. please ignore the introns part.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


it's ok to have weaknesses
it's normal to be weak sometimes
it may take lifetime to encounter weaknesses
or even a blink to realize your weaknesses

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fear factor

what is your biggest fear?

- fear to trust people
-fear to cockroaches
-fear to height
-fear to open up
-fear to dark

so on and so forth. but sometimes forget that Allah should be the biggest fear. we tend to fear to something that is explicit. we fear to cockroaches cos we can see them flying from toilet bowl to the sink etc. but Allah the One makes cockroach can fly.Allah makes toilet bowl, sink and all.yup all. the fear also created by Him.

And with Him are the keys of the Ghaib (all that is hidden), none knows them but He. And He knows whatever there is in (or on) the earth and in the sea; not a leaf falls, but he knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a Clear Record.

(6:59) al an'am ayat 59.


Guide us.ameen.


rindu pada blog ini
.serious. grin.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sembahyang itu tiang agama

i bumped into my junior at prayer room. it was 11.20 am at that time. she told me how's the offsetting of day light saving has changed her daily life. it is 1 hour later than normal time (12 pm=1 am after daylight saving off). the impact is to solat time too.she told me her mission to complete the zuhur,asar and maghrib prayer despite having class until 6 pm. basically, she prayed anywhere as long as she can pray.that's so sweet. at the end of conversation, she blurted out: don't be surprised if i even perform my fajr (subuh) prayer at uni.haha. that was phenomenally funny.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


quickie updates bout Malaysia

1. recently having new prime minister, Dato Seri Najib. whoa. harap maklum whoa do not illustrate any implicit meaning here.just accessory.heh.

2.obviously followed by new deputy then... Tan sri Muhyiddin Yassin. tis is unexpected one.for me.

best wishes to new top guns :)

p/s: imagining those 2 mans come across my blog. here is hyperbola. they got more important documents to be read. haha.

pelangi selepas hujan

verily along with every hardship is relief
verily along with every hardship is relief

94:4-5 ( surah as sharh)

.looking on bright side.

Friday, April 3, 2009


ada apa dengan mimpi?

i would say i have the tendency to dream about something that:

1.bother me
2. person i miss

let me recalled my last 2 dreams; my sis.don't worry adik,u fall on the 2nd category:p tis dream little bit scary.i waited for her and waited.yet she's not coming. up to u how to interpret it.that's the right 2 be creative.
second 1: about someone that i sort of 'dislike'. got to be honest.there r certain people that u're not comfortable with. maybe we'll end up becoming best BFF ever?wait and see.

maybe dream is representation of your intangible emotions.maybe.but most of them can be creepy too. like fighting with dragons.haha.used to have those warrior thingy dreams. a lot:p

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


say: 'o' my slaves who have transgressed against themselves(by committing evil deeds and sins) .despair not of the Mercy of Allah,verily Allah forgives all sins.Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.


small things can make you happy

1) going 2 post shop and paying bills. sounds bought new's brighten up my day.sounds lame.whatever.

2) having milkshake at Docklands. sounds plain.having conversation.meaning deeper conversation. sounds cliche.whatever.

p/s: simple n plain things can make u happy. like clown sometimes can either make you giggle or annoy u to the unbearable extent.