Friday, April 17, 2009

microb p2 * berdua lebih baik*

horizontal gene transfer: the gene transfer between 2 bacterias and do not based on heredity.

people do complement each other. if u are hot tempered then you need someone is cool.
if u are too cool,u need someone that is hot (bukan bermakna memakai hot pants). people are not the same. bear tis in mind. do not expect people be like us. people is unique. just like bacteria. that makes them diverse and initiate the need to complement. even screw and screwdriver also need to be complemented. super comel and amazing. necktie must have suitable neck too.amazing amazing. shoe lace and shoes. it seems like i've just rummaged my closet prior write tis down. it's not. here i am with barely touched microb text book. please ignore the introns part.