Wednesday, April 22, 2009


someone's story. tis implies Allah will test you according to what you are capable of.

miss x adored these 2 local guys in her class. she always hope they will be in her class too for the next year.

The next year:

both guys in her same class.but doesn't make her on top of world.the adoration has fade away. until 1 day, 1one of them sat next to her in lecture if she can smell when was the last time he had shower. the other 1 sat right in front of close if she can see his dandruffs or even worse can detect if he has hair problem.

What's so significant here: it happened the year that miss x does not have any feeling.not the year before. Allah knows best for miss x.maybe if it is in the year before, miss x will accidentally ask them out.then got rejected. haha.poor her.

p/s: even 45 minutes lecture has it's own wonderful Allah creates life.