Sunday, January 31, 2010

chapter 4: you need to know where you are

i'm not really keen on sleeping over at my friends' place.

i was attending my best friend's sis nuptial recently and sleeping over at her place for 2 nights.that's the first time ever i was sleeping over at my friend's house, house full with her family members.that's including her extended family. i kinda expect tis as it was one day before the reception. i am fortunate that most of her cousins are girls under 18! if the house filled with gentlemen, it will be troublesome. so i end up laugh my heart out most of the thus, i need to constantly reminding myself that i'm at someone else's house:p spending the nights away from house, give me things to ponder upon.

firstly, u'll be missing the 'home' feeling when you are away. you might gaze the same moon, but it's different feeling. am i trying to be lovey dovey here? hik. secondly, don't expect you would fit in the new environment right away.naturally, you need time to achieve what my grandma told me; the longer time taken,the tastier your cook would be. the longer time blends the ingredients more perfectly, the longer time ensures your raw food well cooked. thirdly, do know and play your role. if you are a host, be an inviting host.if you are a guest, be a behaved guest. all in all, being away from home makes me realize that you'll not always be in your comfort zone. u will be forced to face awkward encounters sometimes. i would say there are always awkward situations throughout our awkward it would be having our first public speaking? how awkward it would be getting stuck with completely stranger for hours. the awkwardness never stop i guess.

p/s: being involved in wedding preparation makes me a little bit awkward. but something that i'm looking forward to. i was jokingly volunteered to be my sis's wedding planner. she rejected the idea, which is not a joke.haha

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

antara dua

which one u rather choose

the 1 that you interested


the 1 that is easy ?

btw, i'm referring 'the 1' as my course subjects! it's hard to decide. hope i will make the right choice as it will have imminent implications. every decisions to be made will have implications right. i need to think harder on tis:p having opportunity to choose is privileged. i can choose my 8 subjects despite quite thorough process involved:p out of 8 subjects, 2 subjects must be unrelated to my course.i've done management, arabic, marketing and social science. marketing tops my favorite chart. the logical part of marketing that intrigue me the most, i must say. we will see if marketing would be my choice for the next 2 sems.

Monday, January 25, 2010

u know the answer

first post typed by new laptop:)

frustration always struck me after i walked out from examination hall. i let myself down by not giving 100% for the exam.then endlessly blame i put on myself, how should harder i'll be trying. how should systematic should i be.bla and bla... and to meditate tis: i shopped randomly or dine out with friends. there's one time i chatted bout tis with my friend.

'you know what, it's sometimes about how much u want tis in your life'

and her words stay vividly in my mind.

figuring out what you want in life itself is a challenge. i don't wanna make it sounds pessimistic. but it's a serious deal. and i really admire those who stands firmly to chase their dreams. i do have problems in being serious planning bout life. it's not that i pulled a long face 24/7. it's bout deciding which path would you embarked in future. i had so much 'go with the flow' all this time i guess. and again i should ask the inside me: how much i want tis?

p/s: i'll be away for few days.hopefully there are captivating stories out there. i wanna write bout someone else next time around!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

30 hari mencari cinta

pejam celik pejam celik, i'll be leaving in 1 month time.sigh.fine, grin:)

i'll be missing a lot of things;

sleeping for ages, arguing with my sis, been tagged along by Danish which i always complain about:p, competing with mak for using laptop, watching korean dramas with family (hindi movies too.nenek so into them.genetic factors have sort of role.heh.).and the list goes on and on. wait, eating like there's no tomorrow, tis is what my sis told me.i'm just embrace the fact that how easily you can get halal food here:) consequently, i gain weight, thank you.

nenek: nanti balik sana, kakak kuruslah.

it's not that easy nenek.cause your granddaughter is really enjoying foods. despite one month left, i still hope that i could meet particular wonderful people before heading back to Melbourne. please..please..please God.

p/s: chemistry works the successful relationship. but the blood relationship has them all works; chemistry, biology and logic physics:) and obviously, you have to work the relationship too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

not spare yourself

i love it when it just pop out....

i've been spending the night study bout the laptop thingy. hehe. i must admit that i ain't the tech savvy. and i don't even care bout it. honestly, i'm not really interested in gadgets and high tech stuffs. but after my laptop damaged, i think i need to know all these stuffs. at least the basic ones.
even though it was last-ditch effort, i come up with one simple observation: u will try hard so that you're not dumbfound others. i recalled the fact how hard was i trying for something. it was actually my lab test.we were given a week for test practice. and i went it for like 6-7 times. cause i'm aware that i might screw up the experiment again. heh. alhamdulillah, i get improved throughout the practice sessions. practice makes perfect, that's what they say. however, it turned out the other way during the actual test.what can i say? and there was standing my lab demonstrator:

her: i think you try too hard.sometimes there are things that u shouldn't try that hard.

i couldn't agree more.

but sometimes trying hard is irresistable. it is not to please others or even for their satisfaction.but it's satisfy own self. sort of guilty pleasure.i even watching youtube for the sake of using pipette correctly...haha. i can't help it.that's particular one of my guilty pleasures. what is yours?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hanyalah Satu

and it takes me 5 days to decide what i gonna write about,

Sabda Rasullulah:

Aku memberi amaran kepadamu mengenai dia (Ad-dajal) dan tiada Nabi memberi amaran kepada kaumnya tentang ad-dajal, tetapi aku memberitahu sesuatu yang tiada Nabi sebelumku memberitahu kepada kaumnya, ketahuilah ad-dajal itu bermata satu dan Allah tidak bermata satu.
(Sahih Bukhari)

this really caught my attention.i don't even aware of the 'single-eyed' symbol.i presume the symbol must have its own meaning.well, every symbol stands for something.surprisingly, it also appeared during AJL 24 last sunday. i even double checked the You Tube video. tis is getting more interesting.Thank God for this's sort of the thing that can thrill you. cause it smells fishy.

single eyed symbol in Freemasonry being called
ALL-SEEING EYE; represents symbol of watchfulness, and the eye of God as the symbol of Divine watchfulness and care of the universe.istighfar.
and as a friendly reminder:


1. Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;

2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;

4. And there is none like unto Him.

(surah al-Ikhlas)

hidden agenda? conspiracy? wallahhhualam. Allah knows best.i just gotta the thinking that it's something worth to know about.and bear in mind, there is none like Him.

p/s: tempatkan kami kalangan yang beriman, Ya Rabb Al Amin.

Friday, January 8, 2010

nothing like home

home is the place where you belong, the safest one.

the violence reported in the news lately taken me aback. serious talk. the brutal ranging from strangers killing random people to killing of own family members. the world is not getting absurd, but it's the people. seriously those cases scare me.i don't need to elaborate more on the cases, we've been watching them in news and reading them on newspapers. recent case that i've been heard is the murderer killed a man who was trusted his wife's affair. killing people seems as solution, and not an option now. someone's life seems invaluable. the inhumane, violent, foolish acts really make me contemplating on going out.specifically if i need to travel alone. friends out there, especially girls: do take care of yourself when you're going out. even when you staying home. fine, same goes with the boys too. even you're black belt taekwondo or anak guru silat ke, or been rehearsing the ultraman moves for ages: still, be careful. save the last for best; i'm highly recommend the daily mathurat reading. u can get the printed one (ayaat with the translation) at nearby bookstore. i saw them available at MPH!

p/s: it's a reality check. unlike Jan Di who has F4 to rescue her.precisely, Ji Hoo sunbae *melting*. it's a drama after all.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

chapter 3: you are woman, not little girl

5th week of my summer love

2009 has come to an end. the weeks moved so slow before.but now the years revolve unexpectedly faster. i am grateful for making through 2009. if there's one thing to wrap up my 2009, it will be i learned a lot bout people. that includes learning bout myself too.serious talk, the dictionary couldn't list all adjectives describing people. people are special. the wonderful creation of people is written in Noble Quran;


dan (ingatlah) ketika Kami berfirman kepada malaikat: "Tunduklah (beri hormat) kepada Nabi Adam". lalu mereka sekaliannya tunduk memberi hormat melainkan Iblis; ia enggan dan takbur, dan menjadilah ia dari golongan yang kafir.


but sometimes people act peculiarly. and you can be quite surprised of what people capable do. but i am so grateful that God grants me patience and rationale. despite they are may people that hurt you, they are good ones. in fact, the loved ones. i hope that i will never be the one who hurt them. well, i am people too.

p/s: my current fav song: breathe by anna nalick

And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd
Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud

Saturday, January 2, 2010

it's 2010

somehow i think i may need 2010 resolutions.

btw, new year greeted me with broken laptop. i hate to admit this, i need to buy a new one:( i've been thinking of buying macbook. we will see. i need to find the most resistant laptop!haha. speaking of 2010, a lot of things will be on my plate:

1) turning flattered is that?
2) my final degree year. pray for coming graduation's December.ameen.

those two are predictable. i have no idea bout the unexpected ones though. whether it's expected or the other one, i hope i nailed them. most importantly, i wish for better attitudes.

p/s: better writing should be included in resolution list too, i think.