Friday, January 8, 2010

nothing like home

home is the place where you belong, the safest one.

the violence reported in the news lately taken me aback. serious talk. the brutal ranging from strangers killing random people to killing of own family members. the world is not getting absurd, but it's the people. seriously those cases scare me.i don't need to elaborate more on the cases, we've been watching them in news and reading them on newspapers. recent case that i've been heard is the murderer killed a man who was trusted his wife's affair. killing people seems as solution, and not an option now. someone's life seems invaluable. the inhumane, violent, foolish acts really make me contemplating on going out.specifically if i need to travel alone. friends out there, especially girls: do take care of yourself when you're going out. even when you staying home. fine, same goes with the boys too. even you're black belt taekwondo or anak guru silat ke, or been rehearsing the ultraman moves for ages: still, be careful. save the last for best; i'm highly recommend the daily mathurat reading. u can get the printed one (ayaat with the translation) at nearby bookstore. i saw them available at MPH!

p/s: it's a reality check. unlike Jan Di who has F4 to rescue her.precisely, Ji Hoo sunbae *melting*. it's a drama after all.