Thursday, January 14, 2010

not spare yourself

i love it when it just pop out....

i've been spending the night study bout the laptop thingy. hehe. i must admit that i ain't the tech savvy. and i don't even care bout it. honestly, i'm not really interested in gadgets and high tech stuffs. but after my laptop damaged, i think i need to know all these stuffs. at least the basic ones.
even though it was last-ditch effort, i come up with one simple observation: u will try hard so that you're not dumbfound others. i recalled the fact how hard was i trying for something. it was actually my lab test.we were given a week for test practice. and i went it for like 6-7 times. cause i'm aware that i might screw up the experiment again. heh. alhamdulillah, i get improved throughout the practice sessions. practice makes perfect, that's what they say. however, it turned out the other way during the actual test.what can i say? and there was standing my lab demonstrator:

her: i think you try too hard.sometimes there are things that u shouldn't try that hard.

i couldn't agree more.

but sometimes trying hard is irresistable. it is not to please others or even for their satisfaction.but it's satisfy own self. sort of guilty pleasure.i even watching youtube for the sake of using pipette correctly...haha. i can't help it.that's particular one of my guilty pleasures. what is yours?