Monday, January 25, 2010

u know the answer

first post typed by new laptop:)

frustration always struck me after i walked out from examination hall. i let myself down by not giving 100% for the exam.then endlessly blame i put on myself, how should harder i'll be trying. how should systematic should i be.bla and bla... and to meditate tis: i shopped randomly or dine out with friends. there's one time i chatted bout tis with my friend.

'you know what, it's sometimes about how much u want tis in your life'

and her words stay vividly in my mind.

figuring out what you want in life itself is a challenge. i don't wanna make it sounds pessimistic. but it's a serious deal. and i really admire those who stands firmly to chase their dreams. i do have problems in being serious planning bout life. it's not that i pulled a long face 24/7. it's bout deciding which path would you embarked in future. i had so much 'go with the flow' all this time i guess. and again i should ask the inside me: how much i want tis?

p/s: i'll be away for few days.hopefully there are captivating stories out there. i wanna write bout someone else next time around!