Thursday, January 21, 2010

30 hari mencari cinta

pejam celik pejam celik, i'll be leaving in 1 month time.sigh.fine, grin:)

i'll be missing a lot of things;

sleeping for ages, arguing with my sis, been tagged along by Danish which i always complain about:p, competing with mak for using laptop, watching korean dramas with family (hindi movies too.nenek so into them.genetic factors have sort of role.heh.).and the list goes on and on. wait, eating like there's no tomorrow, tis is what my sis told me.i'm just embrace the fact that how easily you can get halal food here:) consequently, i gain weight, thank you.

nenek: nanti balik sana, kakak kuruslah.

it's not that easy nenek.cause your granddaughter is really enjoying foods. despite one month left, i still hope that i could meet particular wonderful people before heading back to Melbourne. please..please..please God.

p/s: chemistry works the successful relationship. but the blood relationship has them all works; chemistry, biology and logic physics:) and obviously, you have to work the relationship too.