Sunday, January 31, 2010

chapter 4: you need to know where you are

i'm not really keen on sleeping over at my friends' place.

i was attending my best friend's sis nuptial recently and sleeping over at her place for 2 nights.that's the first time ever i was sleeping over at my friend's house, house full with her family members.that's including her extended family. i kinda expect tis as it was one day before the reception. i am fortunate that most of her cousins are girls under 18! if the house filled with gentlemen, it will be troublesome. so i end up laugh my heart out most of the thus, i need to constantly reminding myself that i'm at someone else's house:p spending the nights away from house, give me things to ponder upon.

firstly, u'll be missing the 'home' feeling when you are away. you might gaze the same moon, but it's different feeling. am i trying to be lovey dovey here? hik. secondly, don't expect you would fit in the new environment right away.naturally, you need time to achieve what my grandma told me; the longer time taken,the tastier your cook would be. the longer time blends the ingredients more perfectly, the longer time ensures your raw food well cooked. thirdly, do know and play your role. if you are a host, be an inviting host.if you are a guest, be a behaved guest. all in all, being away from home makes me realize that you'll not always be in your comfort zone. u will be forced to face awkward encounters sometimes. i would say there are always awkward situations throughout our awkward it would be having our first public speaking? how awkward it would be getting stuck with completely stranger for hours. the awkwardness never stop i guess.

p/s: being involved in wedding preparation makes me a little bit awkward. but something that i'm looking forward to. i was jokingly volunteered to be my sis's wedding planner. she rejected the idea, which is not a joke.haha