Friday, April 3, 2009


ada apa dengan mimpi?

i would say i have the tendency to dream about something that:

1.bother me
2. person i miss

let me recalled my last 2 dreams; my sis.don't worry adik,u fall on the 2nd category:p tis dream little bit scary.i waited for her and waited.yet she's not coming. up to u how to interpret it.that's the right 2 be creative.
second 1: about someone that i sort of 'dislike'. got to be honest.there r certain people that u're not comfortable with. maybe we'll end up becoming best BFF ever?wait and see.

maybe dream is representation of your intangible emotions.maybe.but most of them can be creepy too. like fighting with dragons.haha.used to have those warrior thingy dreams. a lot:p