Sunday, April 19, 2009


i slept over at my friend's place last night. in the next morning, someone knocked on the door. i am confidently expected her house mates coming home. taraaaa..there was an old aussie lady stood.maybe her mak angkat?? tak mungkin.if she is, i'm the 1st 1 to know. and maybe i would love to be her anak angkat 2. again.intron part.

actually she's from church in the nearby area.

wanita saleh: do you believe in evolution?
wanita melayu: urm...nope.
wanita saleh: that's either. there must be a Creator.

she gave us 2 booklets. i'm pretty sure she'll be back in future.

few things make me ponder. firstly,there'll always unexpected things coming through in life. i mean very unexpected one. like will be getting married in 2 months time. secondly, to what extent you withhold your tolerance? thirdly, u got 2 be strong in life. do not let others dictate you. do respect people but never ever be abducted.

p/s: unexpected guest back at home: lelaki penjual carpet. xde orang kat umah...xnak beli if his mother tongue is malay language. plus with nogori accent.