Sunday, April 26, 2009

sesame street

i ate at the same restaurant in 3 days time.
i ordered the same dish too.

that's so me. once i'm interested in something, i'll get myself indulged in that same thing. i have playlists and i do not utilize them. For example, i'll listen to the same song for about 2-3 weeks. i mean keep replaying the same song. then, the song seems forgettable. if only the singer can stop in the middle of song:

singer: maybe u can tune in the other song while i get some water.

thanks God the song has been recorded.

however my interest in studies fluctuating. wait. nope. i have 2 tests in the same week. but i only revise the same subject since days ago. finally i could find 1 thing that is not the same as others( interest yg bermusim). interest in people. they are not like my playlists. i will not ignore someone after 2 weeks knowing her/him. i will get more interested in knowing them. hopefully.

equation of the day:

same thing = routine
routine is not equal to boring

we've been praying like 14 years now (attention: applicable only to those are 21 years old). boring is definitely not a word to describe our solat routine. 5 times a day for obligatory prayer for 24/7. i haven't found someone like this:

isaac: weh, da solat lom?
hans: lom, xnak ah. boring ah.......

but maybe the usual response is:

hans: lom, xnak ah.malas ah.

'malas ah'. hans the 1 should be blamed and not the routine to perform prayer.

each of us has own routine. let's face it. even a millionaire. he's still need to brush his teeth etc.that's routine too. embrace every seconds in our routine. then you'll fall head over heels about your routine. when you're in love with your routine, u'll be at your best performing routine.

p/s: hopefully interest in blogging will be sustained till my grandchildren day. hopefully they will enjoy reading their grandma's blog aka princess diaries :)