Monday, October 19, 2009

and the reason is U

consecutively heart breaking posts make me sick.hehe.i know it makes my wonderful readers sick too:) enough of melancholic chapter.let's move on. i bumped into my friend that is 8 months heavily pregnant. she's blooming i can tell you.she's so happy. i can see that.and i'm happy for her too. she told me how nervous she is as she'll be due in 4 weeks time. and there i am cheering her up.that's only can i do. urm speaking of angel, i just found out that my ex classmate just get hitched:) she's officially Mrs now. and the lucky man none other than that someone i know. i'm totally startled as i never expect that she's going to get married at this age. again, i'm happy for her. i'll make sure that we'll be the wedding crashers. no i'm not going to.i'll be his best man.NO. i'll be her guest:)
being here at tis moment really change my perspective. i used to think that marriage is typical. i mean that everyone has to get married.cos that's the way it reasons and no doubt for marriage. but now i learn that there must be valid reasons for getting married.i respect those reasons.

i met one bangladeshi woman in prayer room.she was with her son.

Are you married?

her question breaking the silence. yet breaking my heart too.haha.

No. I am not. I'm 21 but lots mistaken me as 27-28 years old.

i've tried my best to justify her question.

hopefully there's wife material qualities in me instead of looking old.
wait who says mama can't look hot and young? my mom is one of the hot mamas:)