Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FYI, mata untuk melihat

i got an evil thinking of abandoning tis blog a little bit evil laugh and wicked smile.

my nenek always said that us (her modern granddaughters.lazy can't beat her perfection in doing house chores. i must agree 110%. she doesn't care to spend hours in kitchen,just like me spending hours in front of laptop. i always believe that she is born to be a great housewife. ampu nenek kah? i'm not. but what happened today proves she's our a lesson to be learnt. here how the story goes.
my aunt's family was visiting us today. my adik has always be the one who preparing the drinks etc for the guest.fine, she's good at it. the fact that the glasses are not matched to the jug pissed my grandma off. adding to her annoyance was serving the kuah kacang with big bold senduk instead of appropriate size of spoon.haha. i thought those were small problems,back of my head. but again it's actually how perfectly you're doing something. and yourself should know first if we're just giving a shot or we really doing things at our best.

p/s: even though she never say it literally, i know she hopes that i will be the best me in everything.that includes improvised cooking.haha.