Sunday, March 7, 2010

anonymous please

i'm not sure how u define stalker.....

there's a change in tis year's system; we able to sign up our own tute class. to my surprise, the list of people who have signed up is visible to other students. it means that you can enroll in any class, in your own preferences. i decided to sign up in the 2nd class.i have free time during the slot, that's the rule of thumb. simple. it turned out that my so called 'crush' happens to be in the same class.FYI, he's a caucasian and obviously he doesn't even know me. i notice him from the last year's class. 2 classes to be exact. and thanx to the tutor, i manage to know his name (with annoying giggles). but for the time being, he is not the distraction of tute class. again thanx to the tutor 4 being such a great tutor. and at least i have learnt how to put aside your feeling or whatsoever and focuses on professionalism,cheh. i made it sound serious crush or something.btw, it's nothing after all. it's just a girl's thing.heh.

p/s: wednesday is my lucky day.nah.everyday is lucky day:)