Monday, September 7, 2009

u ask for it

Monday is not my favorite day to be honest. i woke up lazily realizing i have 10 am to 5 pm class.awesomeness.

i haven't finish my report writing too.coolness. so i need to stay at library in pursuit of diligence (mengarut saja). alhamdulillah i made it. that's why i heart you library. being in library can boost your concentration somehow. u'll be paying more attention to random people passing by.nope. i mean doing your academic related stuffs.

the prac class commenced at 2 pm. i've never thought it will be the unusual one. i messed up. seriously messed up whle doing the prac. i forgot to add reagents before incubating solutions. the results derived from experiment are not making sense. forcing me and my pair to stay for 30 minutes after class. i'm seriously do not have an idea on how on earth the demonstrator is so cool whenever we messed up.

we being asked to repeat one of the experiments.cos the result was bizarre. it's like alien.
i felt like crying. it's not about we're not having the good results. i felt exhausted but i need to keep going on. i reminded myself stop being pathetic. this is just one of the rejections.there lots to come in future.especially when you're in working field.

at the end of the class,

Lecturer: Girls, this is example of bad practical habits.
Make sure you do your prac carefully next time.

And i take it as lovely and fatherly concern.and not as warning cos i might be pissed off.

p/s: if you wanna live happily, have a happy life then. the autonomy is all yours. that's the lesson that i learn.