Thursday, September 10, 2009

vote for me

being qualified to vote is significant event once u reached 21 years old. if i were asked back years ago about what it's all bout being 21? 'i can cast my vote during election' definitely would be my answer. there's election thingy going on at uni tis week. candidates from student council basically chasing out each of students. they are everywhere.except in the toilet. they will talk to you on and on so that u'l vote for them.i never being stopped by any of the candidates. not until today. i was rush to the wilson hall.yes peeps i'm gonna sit for my last mid sem test paper. then came a tall guy in red shirt.' hello miss' with very bright smile curved on his lips. he's running for education bureau position and he's from Stand Up party. metaphorically, we're barely to stand up as the wind blew hysterically. 'Dear Allah, do not let my hijab get blew or something'. 'if u want for better education, please vote for us' reminding me.

'Hi'.There u go.i'm lucky. my test would be in about 5 minutes times. ' Do you support Palestine?' she asked me.'Yup'. She unfolded her story. she's representative from Y party.she told me that X party is pro- zionism and they rule for racism. they try to stop any activities related to palestine issue awareness. whereas that's what Y party work for.They conducted for Palestin awareness campaign almost for every semester.they aim for justice and human right.i'm not sure if the claim bout X is true.hopefully it's none other than truth. i was amazed by the fact that even student council want to go against the minority. the world is getting meaner. that's the ugly truth. i changed my mind.i wanna cast my vote for university election.i wanna vote for justice.

p/s: eligible voter for malaysia 's general election too.that would be harder.