Thursday, March 12, 2009


walking 2 uni taking roughly 10-15 minutes walking distance. i usually walked on the left side of main road. FYI,no specific reason for that.nothing to do with feng shui or any superstitious belief (jap ad ke kene mengene ngan feng shui). then one day i decided to walk on different side of road,after all sebelah kanan lebih afdhal gitu. i even dropped by at 7 Eleven to say hello 2 aunty. not just that, bought energy booster drink aka ice break.i'll keep on walking in the scorching day..until i passed by a church.

worship time: x am, y day

those line stroked my consciousness. how's on earth i do not feel grateful for having 24/7 worship time all this while.

" O you who believe, remember Allah with much remembrance"
al ahzab 33:41


p/s: keep an open eyes.there are so much world has to offer.