Friday, March 6, 2009

connecting people

situasi 1

a: can i have your student diary?
b: u still don't have it,just grab at your student center...
a: nope.i'm just wanna refer the map back of diary.
b: okay.

situasi 2

a: excuse me, do you know where can i print tis?
b: u can print it at basement's in the same photocopy room.
a: i mean on tis floor...
b: it'll be much more easier on the basement level though.

situasi 3

a: you are malaysian i guess.
b:yup.u really can tell that. (proud mode okay)
c:i'm malaysian 2...
b:(gasping for the air)
a:malaysian at heart
b:haha.(tis is seriously a joke.i mean the amused one.)

it's not just everyday encounter. in fact it connecting people. i think that's why we need to speak our mind.