Tuesday, November 10, 2009

hot and cold

it was scorching in Melbourne since last week. it was like really hot. u'll get sweating even while having your meal. unlike jogging during winter. heh. and luckily it's exam week.it means that i don't have to be outside. i make myself grounded for this pass few days. the scorching days are so unusual when comparing to the last November. there must be tweets or FB status related to this 'hotness'. but this is not the case during winter. it was freezing cold, no doubt. i do not restrained myself from going out that time. it's not a big deal.cause somehow i'm feeling the coldness won't hurt me as much as the scorching days. it feels like i'm gonna be okay. i can survive the coldness if i'm putting more gpieces of clothes. how to survive scorching days? whatever it is, hopefully we dress according to what we are.

girl: OMG.our boys might having difficulties in lowering their gaze during this summer. this summer is hot.but the girls getting hotter.

then 2 topless guys passing by. girls gotta lower their gaze too:p