Sunday, November 1, 2009

is she Blair?

kakak, i always wanna update my blog..but it seems i failed to do so.

not updating blog for 1 week gives her headache. of course not. but it's one of the concerns lately.
hik. i always have tis urge to update the blog but ended up with blank stare at blank pages. i couldn't think the best words to write on my blog. enough for the whining. btw, speaking of updates, my house mates and i have tis new rule. i should put it as culture instead.we gotta to speak English when having our meals together.haha. it's funny yet so cute in a way. it's not just about ' can i have the petai?' basis questions. we tried to go deeper in our conversation. those girlish stuffs etc. like does pink lip gloss match with yellow outfit? i'm bluffing. where's the honesty waheeda? haha. i really enjoying the chaos when we burst into laughter. haha . i couldn't say more. have a meal with us and you know what i mean. yup, bring your lunch box too. not the empty one.

p/s: i used to have tis 'bla' feeling when i heard someone speaking in English (for Malays obviously. i can't blame Justin Timberlake) . but know i have tis 'blair' feeling. it means awesomeness. u can speak 2 languages fluently. who knows maybe the 3rd one could be arabic.
' ana waheeda'. 'ana talibah'. ' ana jamilah' (giggle). alert: they are not 3 ana siblings or whatsoever. ana means 'i am'. waheeda is my name.talibah means a female student. jamilah is.... ask your ustaz instead. you wouldn't trust me if i'm saying i am pretty.haha.