Friday, November 27, 2009

what makes a song is a song

2 years consecutively celebrating eid adha at Tampin, call me lucky please.

friend: are you a family type?

it's up to your definition of 'family type'. it has broad spectrum of beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. you might define beauty with pointed nose, fair skin or being is relative and subjective.

please appreciate what we have today. it's the key to happiness. i'm still learning bout it ain't easy. ungrateful and hard to be pleased are common occurrence. complaining and jealousy are human nature. despite those, it is possible.

pakngah: kakak, sejak akhir-akhir ni,

monologue: i gain's obvious i know.

pakngah: kakak makin kurus.

auw, that makes you my favorite pakcik, pakngah. haha.

p/s: just realize that my nenek never fails to make us burst into laughter. her jokes i mean.