Sunday, December 27, 2009

aku bukanlah superman

aku bukanlah superman, aku juga bisa nangis

i was at level 3 of TSC (Tampin shopping centre yo!). i was waiting for my sis paying for double a batteries. the stationery set catched my glimpse. the kids must be over the moon while getting the brand new school items.i've been there :p i browsing the school related stuffs, killing time. the 'upin ipin' drawing block caught my attention. upin and ipin are cute, i admit. but there was weird urge of sketching struck me. i'm holding the drawing block and had a monologue:

' i should try sketching'

i'm not good at all in art. better trust me. there sometimes in life, we wanna try to do something different. they might be typical, whilst alien to ourselves. human have desire, that's my theory. make a wish to Allah, even though it seems unreachable. it might you, not for Him.