Thursday, December 3, 2009

chapter 1: model scout

1st week of my summer love:

thursday is pasar tani day. my grandma would be the happiest in my house. as my sister always mentioned: going to pasar tani is like going for shopping spree. woman and shopping can't be separated after all:p. my sis would be the driver of the day. to put it more nicely, my granny's companion for going to the market. that's why she's an expert of the fish.just name it, she knows all existed species of fish!haha. for the sake of 'fish' reason, i was forced to go to the market today.

'kakak ikutlah nenek ke pasar, kenal sikit ikan' uttered my mom. that sounds pretty educational.i'm buying with the idea.

the three of us hit the pasar tani. then we stopped by at tis stall,selling seafoods. i was like kids learning their ABC's. i can tell you now how to differentiate tenggiri and ikan parang. ehem. out of no where, there was a guy approaching us.

unknown: assalamualaikum. maaf mengganggu. saya lihat cik ni ada potensi untuk.....

gasp. potential to be a model? i always read the stories behind the successful supermodels. they normally been scouted by the modelling agent.


unknown: potensi untuk berjaya.

he reached out for his business card. honestly, i keep it.who knows i might need the job in future.hehe.

what intrigued me the most is that the capability of seeing potential. please ignore the the model part.i always in the laidback mode which is sometimes unnecessary. i shouldn't just sit back when i potentially can shine. shining brightly.

reach your dreams.may you become the brightest you can be. at the utmost you can be.

p/s: i went to the workshop for servicing my sis's viva. amazed by how dedicated the mechanics are.FYI, i'm not checking them out or whatsoever.heh.