Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it's your 1st Birhday, Darl.

i'm not gonna write you a love song cause you asked for it
cause you need one, you see.

it has been like almost 1 year i've been blogging.frankly speaking, it all started with the blog reading. i enjoy reading others' thoughts and reflection. for me, it is the reflection of wisdom.and to be honest i'm not that good in writing.hehe. but this one thing i am consistently have passion in it.indeed there sometimes i slipped away.not updating my baby blog for about 2 weeks! at the very beginning, i was finding what my signature writing would be. what should i write about. furthermore, how exposed can i be? to what extent i can unveil my thougts. cos blogging is form of self expression. when you express yourself, there's tendency of your privacy being violated.(bajet semua orang baca blog lak!haha). i'm also concern bout who might be my lucky readers* grin*. i'm so anxious if my close ones read my blog.haha. there's adrenaline rush. i prefer being secret writer.then who i address my blog to? so that's why my roomie attempt to put my blog link in YM. but slowly i learn to be open bout it.everyone is more than welcomed to read my humble princess diaries. i really hope you gain something from it.the good ones of course!everyone has their own melody, come on write your song babeh!

p/s: honesty can reach heart.hope i could reach yours:)