Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 hari untuk selamanya

2 days left before departing to melbourne. i dont know what 2 expect except tougher journey perhaps. n these 2 days are meant to be cherished. even though the same routine being recycled it's the different feeling that counts(p/s: tidak termasuk perasaan ketika membuang poo poo kucing kesayangan). i'm just sort of finishing my packing.mainly luggage filled of tops.i have' fashion thingy' mission here. btw,dont take me wrong(tubes,spaghetti strap r not included lol..alhamdulillah). a good book is a must(or end up sleeping all the way?? dah la late night flight). i've got new towels too.lovely. wearing the same towel 4 whole year will not be repeated (sejarah munkin berulang.new boyz.ring a bell anyone?). basically, my luggage is just like anyone else.

p/s: buang yang keruh,ambil yang jernih.