Monday, February 16, 2009

tampin-pudu-cempaka-wisma sejarah-room1009 hotel putra-wisma sejarah-kg baru-pudu-tampin

time: 0830-2200

that's a wrap up of my whereabouts yesterday. no wonder, i'm so exhausted tahap dewa naga.even until now.despite all the exaggeration, it was one of the best days during tis summer hols.thanxs 2 all wonderful n beautiful people 4 made it a day:) i even passed by menara kembar petronas, how cool is that.tidak dilupakan other skyscrapers as well. n unforgettable 1 is wearing red baju kurung the whole day. get it? the stinks part not the 'ayu' part.

p/s: dad questioned my mom how's on earth she let me going alone, n still not make it home before 8. trust. it's a matter of trust ayah:)