Thursday, February 12, 2009

macam macam ada :)

courtesy from friend's blog(again? haha)

sit back and enjoy:)

p/s: fav ones: - broccoli my personal jihad(i don't have any eating issue.i enjoy eating.u can tell that.haha)
- my husband n i fell in love(that's so expected lol)
-i'm total idiot..but i'm pretty sure God still loves me(sayang..sayang)
- i wear the head scarf even though my parents don't want me 2
-Islam inhibits my suicidal thoughts
- i hope J.T will be in Heaven (doakanlah Hidayah buatnya:))
- i named him after my 1st crush (saye sudah ade nama untuk bakal anak saya...haha)

- in hopes of helping someone (can i replace notes into blog perhaps:p)
-i am not ashamed of my virginity (TERsangatla cool n proud 2:))
-it feels awesome 2 put my forehead on the cold,hard ground( sgt comel statement ini)
-i'm human,i'm sorry (perfecto)