Tuesday, February 10, 2009



beauty queen who doesn't leave house if it's bad hair day.

nerdy who most probably studying med or any sciences

that's so common.we tend to label people accordingly to what we have seen.eventhough it's not supported though.like the 1st pic,maybe they are siblings. as for 2nd n 3rd pics, too miles away taken to describe just 1 feature. what a vicious assumption.it's so unfair. tis 1 of my never ending weaknesses. yup,labeling is easily run through my mind. or can i say tindakan refleks (memori sains di bangku sekolah). labeling then leads 2 being judgmental.which is a big NO NO. i have sort of experience when my friends back at primary school,used to judge me as GK (gila kuasa..heh).i always volunteered to in charge for class choir,nasheed ( so sekolah rendah pnye reasons ok). the class dignity n reputation was all i thought about that time (xleh blah k). u know what u're doing but others don't.that's the point.

p/s: sorry 4 dragging post maybe.hope can extract the moral values.ceh.
1. don't label others.we don't have the right to.
2.implement system syura (refer back buku agama rujukan spm) in choosing leader.