Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dr House

Dr House: how can i help you?

Meredith grey: i caught with fever dr. i have runny nose.i'm coughing and sneezing too. plus muscle pain. ( meredith has been rehearsed these symptoms with medical students. to avoid humiliation).

Dr House: where are you from?

Meredith Grey: Malaysia (butterfly effect in her stomach)

Dr House: which part?

Meredith Grey: Negeri Sembilan.

Dr house: ???. let me check the map 1st.

Meredith Grey: what? not even on the map. sigh. it's somewhere here.between Kl and Johore.

Dr House: oic. ok then. u've been infected by upper respiratory virus.

Meredith Grey: it's not swine flu right?curiosity reflected.

Dr House: nope. flu and cold are different. flu is much more severe.

Meredith Grey: alhamdulillah.
in a way going to clinic makes a wonderful day for Meredith. it's not just about being sick. but quite a lot of things that she learned:

.cold is not flu. cold caused by viral infection.
. don't have to be nervous when seeing dr. they're just people. with dr title.that's it. dr can be funny. they aint serious all the time. they are not frowning 24 hours. then there will be no mcdreamy :p