Tuesday, June 23, 2009

till we meet again uni:p

after 4 days, i'm finally out from my apartment. Thanx to a friend for making the initiative to discuss pass year papers. i couldn't stop smiling on my way to uni. i couldn't stop gazing passer by. i couldn't stop humming melody. lagu gembira, lagu cinta. it's totally different feeling. cant even be compared to having nasi three times a day. incomparable to the feeling of relaxing at home.
yay..finally i made it. studying in the library during exam week. there were dedicated staffs and very few students. lots of computers were available. i'm imagining myself downloading videos, movies etc. that's what i did during last sem. so noneducational things to be done at library huh. we're having quite serious discussion for like 2+ hours before decided to have our lunch.

me: where are we going to have lunch? ( buat2 tanya)

her: seriously up to you.

me: urmmmmm...es teller nak? the environment is conducive for revising.

her: nodding in agree/ or sign of being forced?

then, we chose notes to be revised while having our lunch.

her: notes about amino acid. there are 20 amino acids to be memorized. grin.

me: yup. notes about glycolysis too.

the food was good. but we're not tempted to just leave the notes aside.

her: tell me about lysine?

me: bla bla...serine?

her: bla..bla..

we're heading back approximately 3 pm. i'm gonna miss tis.rare moment when discussing educational stuffs. rather than complaining on weight. whining about piled up assignment. or criticizing people/ judging others.rather than purchase idle talk.

p/s: uni waits for me. i'll be back for sem 4.insyaAllah. how time flies. plus as 21 years old student 2. how flattering is that:p