Monday, July 6, 2009

ASL please

there's trend to chatting online long time ago. chatting randomly. the first question they would ask is asl. ASL? i used to think that acronym stands for asal. pardon me as i'm only 10 years old that time. actually it stands for age, sex and location.ROFL. aku mahu menulis tentang sesuatu. tentang ASL. asalku since i'm back home now. i'm proudly from Tampin. somewhere in Negeri Sembilan:)
unlike Rembau, Tampin is not really well known for their adat pepatih. seriously my friend hailed from Penang can answer better than me regarding these adat thingy. we're not really fully practicing adat pepatih. there's no MCD in Tampin. we only have 1 KFC, 1 Pizza Hut and recently Secret Recipe. thanx 2 us for contributing to KFC's revenues since many years ago. we're celebrating birthday at KFC. We have small gathering at KFC. Even bid farewell at KFC.KFC should feel indebted.haha. i do not care about how many fastfood outlets we have here. what Tampin is does matter to me. Tampin is like Texas to me. Tampin is my home. people that part of me are here.

p/s: i really want to upload pics in my princess diaries. slow internet connection do not allow me to do so. it's alrite Tampin.i still heart you.xoxo.