Thursday, July 9, 2009

risks when it is risky

people choose to be risk taker when there's great extent of uncertainties. it's better make a risk move than doing nothing. like a guy tried his luck to propose someone to be his wife. there's a 1:1 risk.whether being accepted or rejected. it's better than just sit back in hope for getting hitched someday. however one should be prepared to bear the consequences, the risks for being risk taker. keep an open mind and open heart. do not stressed out if unexpected outcomes are encountered. after all, being risk taker the one that u chose. if not just play safe buddy.

p/s: my advice: do not ever tempted to take a risk when it comes to Iman and Islam. going clubbing in the name of being risk taker? there's no room for being risk taker whatsoever. naudzubillah. cos life itself is already risky. we never know if we can be best of muslim in the future. instead go crabbing. yummylicious. i used to think clubbing is like actively participate in clubs such as stamp collecting, kelab pengakap etc.haha.

secret admirer: die baik tak weh?
informer: BAIK. dye tak clubbing.

the secret admirer burst out into laugh. forgive her. that's the first thing that amused her in a day long. baik and amusing itu subjective :)