Tuesday, July 21, 2009

full stop

it has been about 5 years. 5 years that i paid the last respect to the deceased. i mean attending sort of memoir. managing the funeral process sort of. i had experience one when my last uncle died nearly 5 years ago. that was the very 1st time i loss someone who is really close and part of me. i learn how it feels losing someone that is matter to you. how's heartwrenching is that. i learn what our days will be without him.

we received a call from mum while having breakfast at kopitiam. Tok Nor has been confirmed his death by the hospital.Innalillahhirrajiu'n. he's cousin of my grandma.considered as our atok. when we arrived there his family pay their last respect. his children kissed his forehead for very last time. the tears welled in their eyes. then they performed solat jenazah before brought the coffin to nearby mosque. it's different feeling from 5 years ago.

life must come to an end.
if it's not today, it will be someday.
just have a go whatever we wanna do.
just have a courage to tell whatever we wanna tell.
before life ends. like how full stop ends a sentence.

p/s: death is worthwhile reminder for those alive.