Sunday, July 26, 2009

pilihlah aku jadi pacarmu

i used to think that MCQ is way more easier than any other question types (short answer, essay etc). cos they are options given. we only have to make a guess which one is the right option aka the appropriate answer. but that's not the case. even there are possible answers, we still have to choose one only one answer. the options given are tricky ones. they seems right but they are not. that's so my 1st week in sem 4. i learned a lot when it comes to making decision. there are plenty choices, but you only need the definite one to decide. u wanna wear red socks or yellow socks? u make the choice. i'm changing my subjects over and over again. i do not want to be regret.that's why i keep changing them.i do feel that i've chosen the best subjects for me. now, i rest my case.pray to Him that i'll be alright. pray to Him that i'll be fine.most importantly pray to Him that i never leave Him.even the subjects are so whatever.never leave Him even i'm doing well.

p/s: feeling more like grown-up.