Saturday, August 1, 2009

buat aku tersenyum

i was totally rejected the idea for cycling to university. i am so mesmerized by the fact that some juniors cycling to was nearly 30 minutes cycling i reckon. they look petite yet their physical strength not to be underestimated. furthermore, i never cycling on road. house's compound area, that's the only territory. i cannot imagining clumsy me on bicycle get honked by drivers. until one fine day, i got the chance to cycle.thanx 2 housemate. her old skool bicycle is irresistible. i was like the 4 years old girl got her 1st bike. they were several potential victims that day.they can tell that i'm not used to cycling. alhamdulillah, nobody gets injured.we arrived home safely that day. then 2nd time, i got the chance to cycle again. we're cycling around the park. the feeling is like when u're on merry goes around. serious talk. thus makes me contemplate to buy 2nd hand bike:)
still undecided..we will see. cycling can be listed as one of things that make me happy. how i wish every encounter can amuse you. can curve your smile. one more thing is that life is all about changes. maybe in future you'll like something that you dislike for years. we never know. just ask Him for the best. doesn't matter riding a bike or driving truck makes you happy. just ask Him. He always hear us. forever and always.

p/s: 'Kita memang tidak boleh menjadi orang lain,tapi kita boleh menjadi orang yang lebih baik'. enough said.