Sunday, August 23, 2009

orang putih ke?

english is my second language. what's an obvious statement here. i never imagined that i ended up doing my degree at the country which English is the native language. i do have problems when it comes to language barrier. i always opt to keep silent. very unwise one. being able to deliver my opinions in class is an achievement. the marks doesn't matter:p i already in my 4th sem of my degree. i only have 1 same class with my 'biotech buddy' ( hopefully you are reading tis miss nazihah). i thought i would be a loner (loner can rock the world too.if you are like peyton sawyer).
thanx God, i'm not a loner. i have few new friends that i met during class. they are mostly chineses.who cares. this enforces me to communicate in English. not just 'asking queries based communication' anymore. we do have academic conversation, girls conversation and daily basis conversation. it's so metaphor when being 21 make u realize that u should practicing English, which should be realized when you are 12. whatever it is, i'm glad cos it adds color to my life. at least in future, i do not exaggerate the anxiousness to speak in English.

p/s:i am malay drama lover.nur kasih to be exact.