Monday, August 17, 2009

tips rambut cantik

yay. trip with house mates to Mornington was a blast.yippie. we even had our very 1st horse
riding at some place. 38 aud for 50 minutes. that's pretty affordable if u're not converting to ringgit malaysia please. adrenaline rushed in my body.anxiety strikes me. have i done the right thing. or should i wait for 50 minutes instead of riding horse? i do not mind give a helping hand to feed the horses what ever. then something popped out:

And Who has created all the pairs and has appointed for you ships and cattle on which you ride, In order that you may mount firmly on their backs, and then may remember the Favour of your Lord when you mount thereon, and say: "Glory to Him who has subjected this to us, and we could never have it (by our efforts)."

Az-Zukhruf ( 12-13)

That is dua' for riding vehicles. it's applicable for horse riding too. i feel quite relieved. the horse would be nice to me.hopefully. i ended up as last person while getting our helmets ( i do realize that my head is exquisitely large..haha).

her: it's okay to wear hijab, but you need to let your hair wont fit your helmet.

me: grin.making cute faces.

her: i used to wear hijab before.

me: making jokes. no i am not. ( it HIJAB? or hedge? or hijb?)

her honesty slammed my subconsciousness. i just wanna fantasizing a fairytale story. a princess who loves to ride and loved by horses ...haha. then comes the prince checking me out if i'm okay. enough waheeda. u might throw up sausages u had for breakfast.

i appreciated her honesty.really appreciated it. she unfolded her story throughout 50 minutes riding. thanks to Sally, i ended up as last horse rider too.i maybe missed the story if i'm not the last person.Sally might be eavesdropping too.haish gossip folk sungguh. mentang mentang kuda yg girlie ( kuda betina sounds mean.heh). i'm more to listening rather than giving responses while she unfolded her story.i do wanna say something. but i couldn't. deep down inside i hope she'll find the light. i wanna tell her and the whole world that :Allah is most compassionate.

p/s: .yearning for beach horse riding.