Saturday, August 8, 2009

busybody la

the new sem just started for about 2 weeks. but seriously it feels like 12 weeks. there's already assignments, homeworks etc. stop whining waheeda.PLEASE.

if u cant reach me on phone. if i don't reply ur sms. pardon me. if i'm not there when i suppose to.i'm sorry. i just get to know what's like being busy. i only used to be busybody. that kind of thing.that's my flaw.

Sekalian makhluk yang ada di langit dan di bumi sentiasa berhajat dan memohon kepadaNya. Tiap-tiap masa Ia di dalam urusan (mencipta dan mentadbirkan makhluk-makhlukNya)

(Ar Rahman: 29)

ask from Him indeed:) He never leave us even He's extremely busy.u always can reach Him.

p/s: favorite quote of the day: If u catch the sun, your shadow will follow you.