Thursday, July 2, 2009

high heels vs terompah

my 1st shopping treat after exam was to IBC ( Islamic Book Centre) . i'm longing for long skirt since months ago.i do not care how do i look in skirts as far as i can scavenge skirts there (way too brutal> scavenger) . i went there and begun my scavenger hunt. few skirts chosen for fitting. as usual, u do not look good in all skirts. you should be lucky if u able to find one that fits u perfectly. i made my choice. then i'm browsing the book collection. there are lots of good stuffs. from how becoming a good daughter to a mithali wife..auwww. i end up picked up 5 books. what? i'm not even reading the whole newspaper articles. i torn between skirt and books. i rarely reading books but surely wearing tis skirt. the verdict is i'm choosing to buy books.i can get 5 books with the same price of a skirt.there u go,becoming wiser spender. hopefully i will read them during tis winter hols.and i'm sure there will be more skirts back home. much more cheaper i presume.

p/s: Harun Yahya. google him.quite brilliant author.