Sunday, May 31, 2009

13 going on 30

there's some time i'm feeling that i'm a little bit matured ahead or oldies should i say:p
physically obviously. people do think i'm in high school when i was in standard 4 something. much more surprised there's people thought i'm currently doing master (looking smart or looking old). i'm rather assuming the first one. there's even senior presumed i am Mara officer when we met at Mara office. haha. tis is quite extreme. how do i look in 5 years time? u can do the maths and prediction. maybe like pensioner? nauzubillah. enough said. being matured is not just on looking older than your actual age. it's much more than that. there'll be an urge to be a sensible grown up.that's one sure thing. we can't escape from being matured. that's fated metamorphosis. or sunnatullah. i learn a lot in my metamorphosis. with infinity diversification. with a lot of people. thank you for that. i had tis sort of 'heart 2 heart conversation' with my friend. a really long one. i'm touched by the fact that she cares so much about her beloved.i adore how not selfish is she. i admire her ongoing spirit. simply i respect you :) i learn a lot from u too adik( bajet la 2.haha).a lot. especially about being considerate. care about things that u should care about. not to be forgettten, my 'princess diaries' . i learn to express things that tangled in my mind. things i should say and things that are better left unsaid. more significantly to my emak. i learn to keep going even the journey gets tougher (gosh..make me homesick). i learn do not expect in return what you had give. ya Allah, dah macam surat luahan hati pulak.haha. i would like to share my 13th birthday wish from someone.

' Birthday is not increase in age. Birthday is a further step to maturity.'

p/s: 23 rd July. mark birthday :p