Monday, May 25, 2009

don't be sad

dear diary,

i'm feeling that i lose myself since few days ago. i felt the emptiness. i cant define it. it's like when you're at the side of road. u do not have a clue which path u wanna take. u just stare blankly the cars passing by . then you heard a car honk 4 u. then u realise, 'i need to keep going..........' . i really hope that i can know what's this thing. what's up with this emptiness? with this sadness? with this loneliness? when the birds singing love song in unison. when the skies are bright in blue. when leaves falling onto the ground. i should not be sad. i should not.

And that it is He (Allah) Who makes (whom He wills) laugh, and makes (whom He wills) weep.

( An- Najm: 43)

p/s: laugh over the fb quizzes. no wonder. crying while watching Geng Pengembaraan. no wonder.