Saturday, May 2, 2009

swine flu

abah: take care of yourself. i heard there was already swine flu case in New Zealand. avoid crowded places. the flu can be transmitted from human.

akak: i need to go to uni abah. i cant skip class (xtahan ok waheeda. habis 2 all tis while adakah itu main skipping?)

abah: i do not mean uni. places like shopping etc...i mean places to hang out

akak: monologue: favorite place to hang out: kedai makan(insyaAllah selamat).

going to shopping can be avoided.but shopping is irresistible. i walked into handbag's outlet and end up buying an umbrella.yup umbrella ataupun payung. that is sort of achievement for me. i managed to buy something that is fulfill need instead of want/desire. ceh...