Friday, May 29, 2009


i realize that most of my posts are short lengthen. short as pencil that have been used since kindergarten. which is consistently get sharpened. tis is like compact version of my story. i do take long time when do the talking. so long that the person might try at their best to sustain the interest. i can draw the conclusion that not everyone can write such long posts (blog writing analysis). how's microb analysis waheeda? exam is just not around the corner. already at corner.
i couldn't find what to write most of the time. no wonder i didn't do well in esls essay:p but i'm really into story telling. u could allocate 2 hours 4 'kisah hidup waheeda'. maybe that just 4 primary school part. how many hours needed for entire life story? u can do the maths. basically, if you're interested to know more about the underlying story, just buzz me.appropriately. not in the middle of lecture.and when i'm panting as i'm rushing to the class.i'm more than happy to share.

p/s: an attempt to write longer post