Saturday, May 23, 2009

lost and found

there was solat hajat held at Malaysia Hall today. followed by a talk given by Ustaz Nushi which is anticipated one. my friends told me how good he is as the speaker.seriously rumor has it :)
the thing that captivated me :

something will be more meaningful when we're searching for it.
ustaz nushi

that's hit my semi-functional mind. blame the exams :(

back to the story,
that's so true. why do parents even bothered to inform the reception counter if their child went missing? cos they are precious. they are valuable for the parents.
it's the same thing applied when we're rummaging our closet searching for our favourite anak tudung. walhal banyak je yang lain. cos that anak tudung is distinctive. it is special.maybe lubang di tengah emphasises on pengudaraan yang baik.

let us begin our journey in searching of something. we'll never know what's actually world has to offer until we explore it. we'll get there someday.we'll find the missing bits somewhere.

p/s: if you see my prince out there, do inform me:)
mak jangan risau, hanya gurauan semata.