Friday, May 8, 2009

acerlah di hati

insufficiency always haunts people. things that upset us always trigger the insecurity and insufficiency feeling. for example, i have a laptop.acer aspire 5550. there's sometimes i think that using mac book is desirable than using my lappy ( u know i didn't mean it mr lappy:P). the contribution of abang acer (laptop saye...not crush ke ape) to type this post is always forgettable. the feeling of touching the keypads always negligible. the feeling of viewing the screen seems insignificant. thank you Allah for giving abang acer. for having abang acer as part of my life. do not misunderstood me.i'm not talking to my lappy.we're not having pillow talk or anything. i just forget bout tis tiny bits that actually make us sustain sufficiency. the same thing goes to eating. i always eat more than i need. the energy intake is higher than energy expenditure. there's strong urge to eat more.

monologue: macam tak cukup je....(walhal sudah sepinggan penuh.sangat penuh).

what i'm trying to imply is human always thinking that what we got today are not sufficient for us. Allah actually has planned the coolest and most sufficient plan for us. without we knowing or realizing it sometimes.


He said: O Musa! surely I have chosen you above the people with My messages and with My words, therefore take hold of what I give to you and be of the grateful ones. ( al araf: 144)