Monday, May 18, 2009

it takes two to tango

i switched off my computer before my brand new printer done the printing job. i forgot that computer needs to be turned on in order to print notes. it takes two to tango after all.printer needs computer.and computer needs printer. so sweet:) even gadget needs each other.
communicating seems as essential for me.someone told me tis:) i can't live without talking to the people around me. people close to me. so please bear with my friendliness degree. let me be your chatterbox. cause i need you to listen to me. u need me to do the talking. simple. do entertain me with your jokes. and let me do the laughing.

p/s: it takes two tango. PLEASE read your microb notes waheeda. u need it for exam.and it needs u to be real reading material.