Thursday, May 14, 2009

don't judge book by it's cover

i was heading to architecture building for my genetics lecture. ironically genetics in architecture building. maybe architecture sort of inspiration for genetics. creativity. that's one word link those two :) seriously i quite dislike the lecture hall. not so conducive compared to the medical lecture theater. need proof? i fall asleep in halfway the lecture. This is very rare occurrence in medical lecture theater.*grin*.
i sat at my favourite spot.obviously not the front rows. * grin*.there was one random guy in front of me.sitting with 2 other friends.he's basically staring everybody that passed by him.with intense stare. ' is he so perfect to stare people like that' mumbled me.

next 2o minutes...............
i dropped my bottle. maybe i'm so into the lecture until i decided to keep away all the distractions.uhuh. 'i'll take it after class..whispered me.

prior to the class adjourned,
'that' guy turned back holding my bottle. 'that's mine, thank you so much. ' gulpp.

p/s: there's one macho guy being caught watching love story music video. made me laugh in a way. seriously what you see doesn't mean that's what you get :)